No matter what your bottle neck is, Left Hand Engineering has the experience to identify and execute on an holistic solution. 

Why Capabilities

High Level-Soft Skills

Technical Sales

Customer Presentations


What Capabilities

Connecting People with Process & Design

Project Management

Product Development 

Manufacturing Design 

How Capabilities

Boots on the Ground-Technical

CAD- Solidworks

Continuous Improvement Events

Technical Work Instructions

Capabilities Quantified

30000 Ft View 4

The Why

Technical Sales- Aided growth of sales hopper from $5M to $10M in 2020 and 2021

Customer Presentations- 49 Continued Education (CE) Presentations across 14 states  

Training & Tours- In House Training and dozens of facility tours 

The What

Project Management- Oversaw $1.53M in project design, fabrication, and installation   

Product Development- 6+ Products brought from napkin sketch to customer bought solution  

Manufacturing Design- 12+ Projects designed to aid manufacturing processes 

The How

CAD- Solidworks– Hundreds of parts designed in virtual space brought to the real word 

Continuous Improvement Events– Define a baseline, improve. 

Technical Work Instructions –  See example work 

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