Project Location: Littleton, Colorado

Problem (Story):Secured project of Stainless Steel panel system with continuous corners installed on 15 degree angle. Based off of Milwaukee Art Museum expansion project. Needed to prove concept and fabricate complete panel system. 

Solution: Proved 15 degree corner concept with paper, cardboard, then 2ft x 2ft mock up. Worked with installation team to get ‘as-built’ dimensions of buildings (Corner pieces needed to be exact). Created models in Solidworks of standard parts. Created 130+ custom corner pieces to fit layout of building. Visited site two times to ensure installation procedures were executed correctly.

Project: Williams Park Field House

Project Location: Chicago, Illinois

Problem (Story): Manufacture colored Stainless Steel panel system. 13,000 parts. Custom coping needed and continuous corners for system. Architects wanted ‘dragon scale’ like design with random colors of Bronze-Gold and Burgundy.

Solution: Developed sample approval system to insure parts colored were in accepted range. Orchestrated packaging method to randomly pack parts with no extra work. Created custom coping part to tie building together. Designed custom corner to satisfy design intent of building.

Project: Oberlin College Performing Arts Building

Project Location: Oberlin, OHio

Problem (Story): Customer wanted a panel system that had not been offered before by Millennium Forms. Reverse engineered existing panel system and added new design features. Panels were to be installed on dual axis sloping walls.

Solution: Proved concept with CAD and affordable material mock up parts. Modeled final parts and executed on 6500 parts for the job installation. Worked with installers on site (2 days) and architect to get panel approved by college. Aided installers on installation tips and root cause analysis for panels out of color range.

Project: Maintenance Safety Platform

Problem (Story): Maintenance team needed a work surface to safely complete preventative maintenance actions. Goal was to create a modular platform for maximum adjustability that ties into the existing crane and production line.   

Solution: Platform completed with triple redundant fall protection, rated to hold 1000 lbs, safety factor of 3. Platform can service all portions of the coloring line with no clearance issues. Adjustability in platform allows for easy on, easy off loading, and variable levels to minimize reach for maintenance team.

Project: Panel System Development and Standardization

Problem (Story): In order to increase sales, and move with market demand, Millennium Forms was looking to establish their own panel systems. Products offerings needed to be defined, standards developed, and literature created to educate the customer.

Solution: Three existing and one new panel type were standardized into a consolidated product offering. All pricing, models, drawings, and logistics of a panel system solution were created on the front end, so that order to cash process is reduced.

Panel Systems installed above were developed from this method