Big or small, Left Hand Engineering can help with your manufacturing improvement needs.

Project: Design Safety Platform for Maintenance of Manufacturing Line

Problem: Current methods were unsafe and not sustainable 

Solution: Platform was designed and fabricated to hold 1500 lbs over a 15 foot span. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) proved the structural design. Extensive thought put in to ensure work surface can accommodate all maintenance procedures.  

Project: Facility Entrance Signs 

Problem: No street sign identification of the company or where to direct services    

Solution: Structure was designed and fabricated in house to meet city sign codes while adding a unique, out of the box, sign to showcase the company’s products  

Project: Tooling Development for New Product 

Problem: Current methods could not properly assemble new product

Solution: After analyzing current practices, new tooling was designed in CAD, fabricated in house, and implemented. 

Project: Standard Fixturing for Paracord Braiding and Repeatable Process

Problem: Critical dimensions were not controlled during manufacturing process 

Solution: Tooling created to eliminate variables coupled with visual work instructions to produce repeatable parts