Understanding the process of product development is half the battle. Left Hand Engineering’s expertise saves time and reduces the steps needed to deliver a finished product.  

Veital Designs

Matt is the co-owner of a start-up based in the outdoor industry. Each product developed through Veital Designs has gone through rigorous testing and customer validation. The side by side pictures show the evolution of products from original conception to a completed, on the market, products. 

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Millennium Forms- Panel System Development

Tasked with bringing a product line in-house,  four architectural panel designs were reverse engineered to improve installation design while not sacrificing finish aesthetics.

In parallel with development of these panels:

  • 3 strategic suppliers were sourced and approved
  • Dynamic pricing matrix created to accommodate 10+ variables in order to quickly and accurately price jobs

Millennium Forms- Cardboard to Completion

When working with architects, the boundry is always pushed to what is next? Sure we did this, but can we go one step further and do that? 

We are the connection between ‘we would like to do this’ and ‘can it be done, within budget?’ 

Sterling Ranch Civic Center

Problem: Millennium had to prove we could iterate and fabricate the continuous corner on a 15 degree angle 

Solution: Leveraged cost effective methods to prove concepts. Confirmed with metal mock up. Modeled parts in Solidworks. Fabricated and installed job.