Why Left Hand Engineering?

At the fraction of the cost to hire a full time engineer, bring on Left Hand Engineering to help tackle projects that need to get done. 

We position ourselves to bring value to small manufacturers by utilizing a wide variety engineering approaches to maximize profits while keeping overhead down.

Benefits of Working with us:

  • Project based- No full time salaries
  • No wasting time hiring or firing
  • Superior customer service

No More Lost Opportunity

Time is a finite resource. Don't lose big because you didn't have a minute to check out a lead. Reallocate your time to growing your company by partnering with Left Hand Engineering.

LHE_Project Management

Project Management

Resources and finances are the two biggest roadblocks when growing a company. Use Left Hand Engineering to bridge the gap and get looming projects completed on time, within budget.

LHE_New Product Development

Product Development

Innovate or die. To survive, companies need to push boundaries. With multi-industry experience, Left Hand Engineering brings a unique perspective to your company producing results.

LHE_Fixture Design

Manufacturing & Fixture Design

The people and equipment surrounding your products are critical to a successful company. Make sure efficiency is maximized with up-to-date, safe manufacturing practices.

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